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Looking for Soap Making Supplies?

Many of the ingredients needed to make soap can be found at your local grocery store. Anything else you need can be found at one of these sites.

Poya Naturals

New Directions Aromatics Inc.
21B Regan Road, Brampton, Ontario, L7A 1C5, Canada
T (905) 840-5459 - F (905) 846-1784
Sales Email:

Website: http://www.newdirectionsaromatics.com/
Order Desk: 1-877-255-7692


If you are looking for essential oils for soaps and lotions this is an excellent source. The prices are great and so is the selection. This is a Canadian Company. 
Earth Essences
earthessences.com This site offers essential oils, flower essences, diffusers and many related products. has
Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen
soapdelicatessen.com This site has great recipes, such as, Lemon Cheesecake and swirled starfish.
Suds and Scents
sudsandscents.com Soapmaking ingredients, including essential oils and molds.
Aromantic.co.uk Make your own skin care, cosmetic and soap products, using natural raw materials. All the materials, equipment and know-how you require are available to order from this web site.
From Nature With Love
FromNatureWithLove.com Wholesale supplier of 1,600+ ingredients and supplies used in soapmaking, cosmetics, toiletries, aromatherapy, spa products, herbal preparations, candle making, and potpourri making. We also offer a large selection of packaging supplies, bath accessories, scrubs and equipment. Superior quality and exceptional customer service. A wide variety of sizes and quantities allow you to purchase as much or as little as you need.
Naturecraft.net You will find a great selection of herbs, essential oils, and other soapmaking supplies at this site.

   Check out this website if you are interested in mythical creatures ;-) www.eaudrey.com/myth/index.html