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Old Texts Related to Domestic Science

These are sample pages from old books pertaining to health, beauty, and housekeeping. You will need an Adobe reader to view them (free from Adobe) and they will print out very nicely. 

Toilette Recipes- 1880.   (23 pages)  Recipes for skin, hair, and tooth formulas, as well as cleaning  fabrics such as lace, linen, and kid gloves.  Some of  these recipes we do not recommend- this information is to show how different life was 120 years ago.
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bullet Entire File (Adobe- 913kB) 


Laundry Manual- 1902.   (3 pages)  Instructions for making soap.
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bullet Entire File (Adobe- 118kB) 


Table Manners- 1916.   (10 pages)  Laying a table, Waiting on a Table, and Table manners.
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bullet Entire File (Adobe- 753kB) 


Soap Recipes- 1867.   (12 pages)  Recipes for making soaps, soap making process and equipment, and soap recipes.  Illustrated.
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bullet Entire File (Adobe-  1220kB)


Soap Making in Colonial Times (4 pages)  How soap was made in Colonial Times.
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